Motivating Community, Tianjin, China

akademic work, partner : LI Yinong, 2008

Activity is always the spirit of space.High density Residential communities contain a lot of people,  but fail to contain interesting activities.  Communities decline when life there is dull and nobody goes there to do anyting.  On the other hand,  communities gain sustainable lives when people there lead colorful lives and enjoyable activities are happening one after another.In the design of a community in Tianjin, we aimed to build a community with Motivating Ablity of:1. Attract people and make activities easy to happen2. Maximize the activities and maintain the dynamic situation.Spaces with such abilities are right around us.We found 3 typical spaces in daily life and learn from the spirits of those spaces ,  and integrate them with the designing strategies.

urban architecture mixed-use development mutualism hybrid space research

Urban Mutualism | Yang Li 

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