Umstieg Köln, Germany

academic work,  2011


The design area lies on the southern edge of the city centre of Cologne, Bonner Strasse and Brühler Strasse lead to Bonn and southern cities, and serve as main one-way streets to the city centre of Cologne. The subway station "Marktstrasse" serves (will serve) as a main subway connection from the north and south of the city of Cologne and connects the area with the city centre, where you can change to other subway lines as well as public transport systems. Compared to other underground stations, this station is the most convenient way between the main station and the south of Cologne (6 minutes). The station is also located on the main road leading south, but despite the high accessibility from the city centre and southern cities, the area is isolated from the surrounding areas. The reason for this is that the rails (north) and the frequently used road (south and east) have made it extremely difficult for pedestrians to enter the area.

Given the chances of the design area comes the idea of UMSTIEG KOELN. The aim of our design is to make the area serve the transport system of the whole city of Cologne. The area also functions as a test point for the new transport and living concept, where the development of the city will play an important role in the future. transport events are added to the design area, thus providing a wide range of transport possibilities for people inside and on the outskirts of this area. The most important plug-in is the train station, where you can change to the S-Bahn Cologne, and the parking building, where more than 1000 cars can be parked.


A main theme of this design is to create a relationship between public transport spaces and private living spaces. In order to find a solution, we have developed the term public sphere. According to the different degrees of publicity, appropriate nuzung was arranged. In order to create an efficient and pleasant living space we attach importance to the accessibility of all parts of this area. Short way strategy guarantees the accessibility for pedestrians. In order to further increase accessibility, "Peoplemover", a small-scale means of transport, was included in the design. In view of the large distance between the two sides of the area, the Peoplemover plays an important role. The density distribution also supports the traffic concept.

urban architecture mixed-use development mutualism hybrid space research

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