Future Campus of BASF, Mannheim, Germany
akademic work, solo, Prize: Architekturpreis des deutsche Kulturkreis,  Anerkennung, 2012


The idea is to combine a public park and the BASF research campus to offer a beautiful working environment and new lifestyles with strong poetry, while at the same time creating an advertising effect for the company through this combination. The social networks have made it possible for everyone to function as an individual media source. The park offers the opportunity to "relax, experience and experience" and attracts the public. The experience in the BASF Park can then be disseminated via the Internet, attracting top executives from all over the world.


A large part of the park consists of islands connected by bridges. A catalogue of the islands has been developed, listing the themes, content (landscape, architectural and agricultural elements), functions and forms of the islands. The catalogue can be extended and the company can select and realise the islands from the catalogue according to its needs.


The campus parking system permits different building typologies on each island, which are ideal for the corresponding functions. The themes of the islands are divided by functions: Research islands, office islands, open islands and life islands. Different shore situations can be selected according to requirements. The combination of park system and campus system creates in reality and virtual world an ideal working environment with beauty, fun, communication and new lifestyles. Numerous pictures of BASF Limburgerhof can thus be produced, viewed several times, commented on and shared. The image of the company is transported worldwide by BASF Park.

urban architecture mixed-use development mutualism hybrid space research

Urban Mutualism | Yang Li 

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