21st Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition for Students, Bronze Award, partner: LI Yinong


HOPE is created to improve the life of those children, who are living in the poor rural areas without electric power. Despite hard situation, these children keep an extremely strong will of acquiring knowledge.For them, even a very small amount of light can bring about a large change.

HOPE is used as temporary light producer to light up their dark classrooms; used as pencil tip-holders and to bring a bright view of their books and notes; used as signal bars to show the existence of people and to bring them in dark a sense of togetherness; used as a torch to brighten the dangerous mountain paths.In the daylight, HOPE is unfolded to absorb solar energy. The energy stored will be released in terms of light when necessary.

urban architecture mixed-use development mutualism hybrid space research

Urban Mutualism | Yang Li 

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