Hut with Fireplace

academic work, solo, 2012


This is a hut on the Montspitze, where a couple can stay overnight or live for a short time, like a small apartment of 45qm. The functions are sleeping, cooking, eating/drinking, talking on the fire, reading... a bathroom is also part of it.


The fire in the fireplace is the central source of light. A 45cm high spiral seating step was inserted into this room, which runs around the fireplace, forming the basic structure of the room. The necessary "Volume" e.g. cooking table, bathroom, chair and cupboards are then placed around the fireplace on the seating steps, which can also function as a backrest for the seats around the fireplace and further create a protected atmosphere. The firelight that shoots through the gap between the "volumes" allows dramatic lighting situations throughout the room.

The "volumes" offer a varied and flexible use of space. As a poetic ability, I want this room to feel like a mountain cave, where you can briefly leave the modern world and play like children. The gas from the fireplace is led to the outside through a pipe in the seating step. The whole system functions as a "floor heating" and creates a comfortable climate situation in the interior.

urban architecture mixed-use development mutualism hybrid space research

Urban Mutualism | Yang Li 

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