Faculty's Pavilion of TJU, Tianjin 
academic work, solo, 2007


The pavilion locates on the band of Aiwan Lake in the campus of TJU. A shortcut from students’ dormitory to teaching buildings passes through the site. The ground area is extremely limited.In order not to disturb the current on the shortcut and leave a possibly large lake band area, the main functional area is lifted to the first floor and the area of the ground floor is  minimized. Thus large cantilevers have to be supported.


The section of a kind of coelenterate shows a self-balancing structural system:each L-shaped part of the section needs a force pointing to the center to keep its mechanical balance.  If we arrange two L-shaped parts symmetrically and connect them with a rigid object, the force of the system turns out to be zero. If we arrange several pairs of L-shaped parts round the same center, the whole system is still a self-balancing system.

20 pairs of L-shaped steel frames are arranged round the same center, forming the mushroom-shaped pavilion.

The ground floor consists only of a courtyard, a round corridor and a stair.Passers-by enjoy the shield provided by the pavilion. The first floor,where people can get a wonderful view of the lake, consists of a cafe, a fitness club, a reading area and a restroom.

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